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Professor Gab Kovacs


Editor-in-Chief, Fertility & Reproduction- An Official Journal of ASPIRE

Editor-in-Chief of Fertility and Reproduction – The Official Journal of Aspire.
Currently Director of O & G Institute, Epworth Healthcare,
and Professor of O & G Monash University, and a Director of Compass Fertility, an IVF Unit in Canberra.
Reproductive gynaecologist, member of Monash IVF team 1978-2015.
Gynaecologist to Reproductive Medicine Clinic, Prince Henry’s Institute 1978- 2000
Medical Director Family Planning Victoria 1980-1991.
Authored/co-authored more than 175 articles, and edited/co-edited 15 textbooks (13 for Cambridge University Press). Also authored/co-authored five books for the lay public.
Past President of Family Planning Australia, Past President of The Fertility Society of Australia, Past Chair of IVF Directors’ Group, and Past Councillor RANZCOG. He served a three-year term Board Director at Northern Health.
Now semi-retired, but actively involved in administration, teaching and research.