iconIe-Ming Shih

Professor Ie-Ming Shih


Title: The Origins of Endometriosis Species and their Immune Landscape (subject to change)

Ie-Ming Shih, MD, PhD
Richard W. TeLinde Distinguished Professor
Departments of Gynecology and Obstetrics and Oncology
Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Shih is the Richard W. TeLinde Distinguished Professor of Gynecologic Pathology, and directs the interdepartmental Gynecologic Pathology Laboratory and co-directs Women’s’ Malignancy Program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (www.gynecologycancer.org). Dr. Shih’s team has recently applied innovative cancer research tools to accelerate endometriosis study and this inter-disciplinary endeavor can have an impact on our understanding of the endometriosis pathobiology. For example, research groups have recently revealed the genomic and epigenetic landscape, clonal trajectory and immune microenvironment in endometriosis and related lesions. Dr. Shih will discuss those recent advances and propose the gateways for new research directions and opportunities.