Abstract Submission

The Scientific Committee of the 10th Congress of the Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction (ASPIRE 2020) invites you to submit your abstracts for Oral and /or Poster presentations at ASPIRE 2020.

Abstracts must be submitted ONLINE in English according to the following abstract themes.

1. ART, Clinical
2. ART, Basic Research
3. ART, Laboratory
4. Contraception
5. Counselling, Ethics and Psychosocial
6. Embryology
7. Endocrinology, Clinical
8. Endocrinology, Laboratory
9. Female Infertility
10. Fertility Preservation
11. Gynaecology and Surgery
12. Male Fertility
13. Menopause
14. Nursing
15. Ovary and Ovarian Biology
16. PCOS
17. Preimplantation Screening and Diagnosis
18. Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells
19. Reproductive Genetics
20. Uterine Disorders and Endometriosis
Abstract Submission Deadline 18 May 2020
Author Notification Announced on Rolling Basis
Registration open 15 October 2019
Registration Deadline for Selected Presenters 1 June 2020

*Abstracts will be reviewed and announced to authors on a rolling basis till submission deadline


To submit abstract, please prepare the following information:

  • Presenting Author’s and Co-authors’ Details.
  • Full First and Family Name(s).
  • Affiliation Details: department, institution / hospital, city, state (if relevant), country, email address.
  • Abstract Title: limited to 25 words in UPPER CASE.
  • Abstract text: limited to 300 words, including acknowledgements. We recommend using word-processing software (for example, Word) for editing your abstract and counting the number of words.
  • Abstracts should clearly state:
    • Background and Aims
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions
  • Use only standard abbreviations. Place special or unusual abbreviations in parentheses after the full word appear the first time.
  • Use generic names of drugs. Express numbers as numerals.
  • Abstract Themes: abstracts must be allocated to a specific category for the Scientific Program. You will need to select the category most suited to your abstract.
  • Tables: A maximum of 3 tables of up to 10 rows x 10 columns can be included per abstract. When including a table, it is recommended to save the table as an image (JPG format).
  • Graphs and Images: A maximum of 2 images can be included per abstract. The maximum file size of each graph/image is 500 KB. The maximum pixel size of the graph/image is 600(w) x 800(h) pixel.
  • Graphs and images may be uploaded in JPG, PNG or GIF format only.

  • Submitters can submit up to 2 abstracts.
  • Accepted abstracts will be published in the official Congress publications, which will be provided in digital copy only.
  • Presenting author of abstracts must be registered participants.
  • Please note: Registration fees must be received by the Congress Secretariat by 1 June 2020, to ensure inclusion of the abstract in the Congress publications and in order to be scheduled for presentation.
  • Abstracts must be original and must not be or have been published or presented at any other congress prior to The 10th Congress of the Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction (ASPIRE 2020).
  • Abstracts must be submitted and presented in clear English with accurate grammar and spelling of a quality suitable for publication.
  • Abstracts can be saved in “Draft” status to be re-edited and modified until the submission deadline (20 December 2019, GMT+8). Therefore, the submitter will be required to create a user account.
  • The submitted / draft abstracts cannot be edited after the submission deadline (20 December 2019, GMT+8). Please note that after final submission the content of your abstract cannot be modified or corrected and that it will be published exactly as submitted.
  • Abstracts must be received by the announced deadline. Abstracts received after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Abstracts stating “data will be discussed in the presentation” will NOT be accepted.
  • Before submitting the abstract, the Abstract Submitter will be required to confirm the followings:
    1. I confirm that I previewed this abstract and that all information is correct. I accept that the content of this abstract cannot be modified or corrected after final submission and I am aware that it will be published exactly as submitted.
    2. Submission of the abstract constitutes my consent to all Congress’ publications (e.g. Congress website, programs, other promotions, etc.)
    3. The Abstract Submitter warrants and represents that he/she is the sole owner or has the rights of all the information and content (“Content”) provided to the 10th Congress of the Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction (ASPIRE 2020). The publication of the abstract does not infringe any third party rights including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights.
    4. The Abstract Submitter grants the Organizers a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable nonexclusive license to use, reproduce, publish, translate, distribute, and display the Content.
    5. The Organizers reserve the right to remove an abstract which does not comply with the above from any publication.
    6. I herewith confirm that the contact details saved in this system are those of the corresponding author, who will be notified about the status of the abstract. The corresponding author is responsible for informing the other authors about the status of the abstract.

Disclosure of financial relationships that the author(s) may have with the manufacturer/supplier of any commercial products or services related to the work, should be indicated in the appropriate box on the abstract form.


Participants interested in presenting an oral or poster presentation are invited to submit an abstract. All abstracts will undergo review by Scientific Committee. The Committee will determine whether abstracts will be accepted as oral or poster presentations with consideration to be given to the author’s preference. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Submitting authors will be notified via e-mail on rolling basis regarding the status of their abstract acceptance.


Best Oral Presentation Awards and Best Poster Presentation Awards will be granted for recognition of the outstanding research works.Authors of the Shortlisted Oral and Poster presentations will be notified prior to the congress via email. These presentations will go through a second evaluation by the congress judges and the Best 5 Oral and Best 5 Poster presentations will be identified. Results will be announced and awards will be presented during the Congress Closing Ceremony. All the presenters are required to attend the Congress Closing Ceremony in person for the Award presentation and collection.

100 in cash together with a hard-copy Certificate will be awarded to each of the awardees.


ASPIRE aims to raise the level of research in Asia Pacific and we believe that one way is to encourage young researchers to present their work in a large meeting.

With that, ASPIRE launched the ASPIRE Young Investigator Award in 2016 to provide promising young investigators funding in support of quality research in ART as well as an opportunity for them to use ASPIRE Congresses as a platform to put forward their work.
Authors aged below 40 (on 16 April 2020; 40 years old is not applicable) from Asia Pacific are able to show their interest in application for this award during the abstract submission process. Applicants would need to present their work in person at designated oral or poster presentation sessions at the Congress. The results will be announced and awards will be presented during the Congress Closing Ceremony. All the presenters are required to attend the Congress Closing Ceremony in person for the Award Presentation.

The TOP 5 Outstanding Young Investigators will each be awarded a grant of USD 500 in cash together with a hard-copy Certificate.