10 Reasons

Why you must Attend the ASPIRE 2021 Congress in Manila

The 10th ASPIRE Congress scheduled in Manila is fast approaching. It seemed that it was only yesterday when the honor to host the next congress was awarded to the Philippines. Today, the registration buttons are ready and many have promised to come to this next exciting ASPIRE congress for their own reasons.

However, we sense that many are waiting at the fringes and are undecided if would come to Manila in April 2020. So I have come up with a list of reasons why, whoever and wherever you are, there should be a good reason to attend the coming ASPIRE Congress. Here are 10 of them…

1   Excellent speakers and scientific program

The scientific program that has been put together by Prof. Chii Ruey Tzeng and his scientific program committee is fantastic! With plenary speakers Catherine Racowsky (US), Carlos Simon (Spain), Jacques Donnez (Belgium), Peter Schlegel (US), Paul Hofman (New Zealand), Le-Ming Shih (US), Vong Ngi Loc Lan (Vietnam), and Mario Festin (Philippines) delivering their expertise, everyone is already assured of fantastic state-of-the-art talks in all relevant and controversial topics in reproductive medicine.

Furthermore, the variety of sessions (plenary, concurrent, debates, how-to, free communications and posters will surely cater to the type of teaching/learning required in an international congress. The free communications and poster sessions by themselves are exciting, with the record-breaking number of abstracts submitted ever in an ASPIRE Congress. Truly, ASPIRE is fast becoming up to world standard!

2   Experience Philippine hospitality and culture

ASPIRE 2020 is the first international Reproductive Medicine event of this magnitude in the Philippines. So all members of the local organizing team are just more than happy to showcase Filipino culture.

Expect the Philippine brand of being friendly and hospitable, whether within the halls of the congress, in streets or malls of Metro Manila, or in tourist destinations. Something all Filipinos are known for worldwide.

3   Historic Congress Venue

The Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) was the first world-class international convention center in Asia and was the venue of the World Bank-Internal Monetary Bank meeting in the late 1970’s. Since then, it has been the venue of many historic congresses and meetings and continues to gather praises for its design and facilities despite the rise of more modern facilities. The Philippines proudly welcomes ASPIRE through the PICC!

4   It’s a great time to network and/or catch up with friends

ASPIRE Congresses present as the perfect occasion either to network with possible business or collegial partners or to catch up with friends not only in the Asia-Pacific region but also from around the world. With the Asia-Pacific region showing the fastest growth in ART in the entire world, professional and pharmaceutical people are converging in this part of the world. Can’t think of a better way to enhance your practice and cultivate growing friendships!

5   Hotels According to your Needs

The choices of hotels around the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) area range from top-caliber 5-star hotels to budget hotels. So the full range of participants from the discriminating specialist to the up-and-coming consultant/scientist to the RM trainee may select from diverse array of accommodations to suit their needs. And like the congress venue, nearly all hotels are quite accessible

6   The best Filipino, Asian and International cuisine are minutes away

The congress area is located along the world-famous Roxas boulevard strip lining Manila Bay. Close by are restaurants, hotels, and multiple malls which attract both local and international food aficionados. There is a wide selection of international cuisine in the area and the local organizing team will bring out a guide where you can indulge to your heart’s content.

7   An Excellent Social Program has been prepared

Integrated between the four days of scientific sessions are simple but excellent slices of local cultural numbers that will make ASPIRE 2020 unique from other ASPIRE congresses.

From the opening ceremonies to the welcome reception to the Faculty dinner, participants will witness glimpses of lively Philippine cultural dance and music, from the lively tinikling bamboo dance to festival dances as ‘Ati-atihan’ and ‘Higantes’. Of course you must expect a lot of contemporary singing and dancing as a lot of world-class entertainers come from the Philippines!

8   Shopping!


Manila has its share of excellent shopping destinations, from high-end branded to budget shopping, a lot of them close to the congress area as the SM Mall of Asia. There are some other excellent areas to shop depending on your needs. Efforts are being made make some of them available at the exhibit area. Included among them are the highest quality South Sea pearls at the most inexpensive price in the world! The local organizing committee will also provide a guide for the discriminating and/or budget shopper!

9   Local Tourism

Many are gearing to attend ASPIRE 2020 for the variety of exciting, exotic tourist destinations and another local guide will be provided specially for this purpose. For those with limited time, the tour of Old Manila or day trips to nearby destinations as Tagaytay and Taal or Bataan are in order. But more are excited to see the premiere Philippine tourist destinations that require more time to enjoy—- Boracay, El Nido, Coron, Cebu/Bohol, Donsol (diving with the whale sharks), etc. Whatever your choice, we shall make sure your dream destination becomes a reality.

10   Let us all help the ASPIRE brand to grow

The ASPIRE brand has shown tremendous growth during the past half-decade and continues to grow rapidly. As it expands its relevance with master classes, special interest groups (SIGs), pre-congress courses and regional meetings, let us all help ASPIRE’s growth and regularly attend its annual congresses, the core program of the ASPIRE. Join us this year in Manila, Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient and continue to grow with us.